COVID-19 Business Continuity Statement

COVID-19 Business Continuity Statement

In light of the COVID-19 SOSL are issuing the following guidance on our Business Continuity during this epidemic.

  1. SOSL have taken steps to be able to remotely provide support to those clients that are in lockdown or in isolation, where possible.
  2. Those Clients that still require face to face contact, SOSL staff will follow the government guidelines whilst providing Wellbeing Support. This will include;


2.1.1 Staff wearing the appropriate PPE and regular hand sanitation

2.1.2 Regular sanitation of client’s property

2.1.3 Disinfecting any post and food supplies brought into the client’s property

2.1.4 Maintaining ‘Social Distancing’ whilst in the property and within the grounds of the property whilst on breaks or running errands for their client/s

2.1.5 Restricting contact time to client’s own property whilst providing support

2.1.6 Maintaining accurate contact logs via the Pass System

2.1.7 Reading staff updates on COVID-19

2.1.8 If required the Wellbeing Officers, Communication Support Worker will be removed to limit possible transmission and this support will be provided remotely via video call.

2.1.9 In the event to reduce the risk of transmission further for TD and SB, SOSL will only allow Wellbeing Officers to support TD and SB at Riverside Heights. Wellbeing Officers will continue to have the support of their Communication Support Workers, but remotely via video call.

3. For clients in isolation support will be provided by a variety of Wellbeing Officers and Communication Support Workers via video call. SOSL has purchased a business subscription of ZOOM video conferencing allowing video calls to be more interactive, i.e. for several clients to get together on one call and also the duration can be up to 4 hours per call.

This means that Wellbeing Officers can do the following, watch films together, provide cooking lessons, BSL Lessons, and PHSE lessons, Covid-19 daily update is gone through with each client, as well as just being there for company.

Sessions are several times a day and they have all the Wellbeing Officers numbers to contact them if they want to outside of the Zoom calls.

4. For those clients not in isolation, who are fit and well, the Wellbeing Officer may join them for a 30-minute walk using social distance and with the relevant PPE.

5. SOSL are subscribed to the Covid-19 Government Updates and update staff and clients on a daily basis of information relevant to them and their role.

6. SOSL staff who present COVID-19 symptoms to inform management immediately. SOSL also to inform management if they have been in contact with someone who then tests positive for COVID-19. In both cases management will investigate the contact log for potential risk of transmission and inform the relevant parties.

7. SOSL Management to monitor and amend guidance to staff and business operations on a daily basis. Staff will be informed of any changes to business operations immediately by management.