BSL in schools project

The ultimate vision for the BSL in Schools Project is to promote communication at an early age between deaf and hearing people. We aim to achieve this through introducing all school children to sign language and providing BSL as an option choice for GCSE level study

British Sign Language Courses

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BSL Courses

British Sign Language is the preferred language of an estimated 70,000 Deaf people in the UK. We provide training in using and understanding this language to provide access to these unique people and their skills.

Sign Language Interpreters

Professional BSL interpretation services throughout Lancashire

BSL Interpreters

School of Sign Language provides a range of
BSL interpreters and communication support
workers, experienced to provide language
support in a multitude of settings, including:

  • Hospitals/Medical appointments
  • Workplace meetings
  • Student Support in Colleges
  • Meetings with professional e.g.
    accountants, solicitors etc
  • Civil service/local government
  • Training within the Prison Service

Learn BSL Online

You can now learn BSL online for free.

Take tuition further

Learning Sign Language for free online is the best way for us to raise awareness on a mass scale. Our ever increasing library of videos, graphics and documents is the perfect way for you to learn BSL in your own time.

Get to know us

The aim of School of Sign Language was and still is to break down the barriers between the Deaf and hearing community and raise the awareness of British Sign Language, which is an interesting and unique method of communication.

5 years on and we’ve acheived so much don’t just take our word for it, have a peak at our awards and how we aim to become the leader in providing British Sign Language courses in Lancashire.

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