Hospital staff learn BSL

Hospital staff learn BSL
17th August 2011 No Comments Our Work soswdbmagic1

We are currently providing a 20 week, level 1 course in British Sign Language for staff at The Royal Liverpool University Hospital. This is some of the feedback we have received from few of the students:

Denise Dougherty –“This has been one of the most enjoyable and beneficial courses I have ever done. It has been more than learning sign language and has given an insight into the way deaf people cope in a hearing environment. I have learnt how arrogant and selfish we can be and it has been quite humbling. I would recommend this course, the tutors and interpreters”

Melvin Law – “The BSL course has helped me bridge the gap of communicating with deaf patients helping me to build a rapport and gaining their trust when doing treatments. This communication makes the patient feel more at ease and shows that there is staff who they can communicate their feeling and wishes to and no longer be misunderstood. I have enjoyed this course it has been fun while learning and would wish to continue further in the future”

Terri Neil – “So far I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. I have found it interesting, enjoyable and very useful. I have had several encounters with patients with a hearing impairment, and because of BSL I have felt confident using sign language to communicate.”

Susan Hughes – “Even though I’m not ‘front-line staff’ I think learning BSL is beneficial to me; since beginning the Foundation course earlier in the year, and just by being out and about around the building, I have come across 2 deaf visitors/patients needing directions and have happily been able to assist. I’m really enjoying the training – The School of Sign Language team are very approachable, provide good support and email literature hand-outs; the sessions are very relaxed and good fun.”

Nicky Simon – “Learning BSL is a great advantage to those working in a hospital environment. It helps to put deaf patients and visitors at ease and they appreciate the effort we are making to communicate with them. The course is really enjoyable and the tutors are really friendly and approachable. I am thoroughly enjoying myself and would love to progress to further levels once level one is complete. I would definitely recommend the course and School of Sign Language to anybody thinking of learning.”

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