In Schools Project

In Schools Project

British Sign Language In Schools Project

inschoolsThe ultimate vision for the BSL in Schools Project is to promote understanding between Deaf and hearing people and educate future generations in adopting inclusive attitudes. We aim to achieve this through introducing all school children to sign language and providing BSL as an option choice for GCSE.

Over time through education deafness will cease to be a barrier and will become a preferred choice of language. This provides a fantastic foundation for raising our childrens’ awareness of disability and eradicating prejudice, therefore making our communities stronger and a more inclusive place for children to grow and develop.


Deaf Awareness Workshop

The course will give students information on Deaf awareness focusing on key issues relating to deafness, communication tactics and help deepen their understanding and how access to Deaf people can be improved. The students will gain knowledge of statistics, various levels of deafness, equipment and technical aids. The training is interactive and stimulating and will allow students to develop communication skills.

BSL Foundation Courses

These unique courses provide the opportunity for children and young people to gain an insight into British Sign Language and acquire signing skills. We offer a range of different levels of foundation courses to enable the students to continue and build on their learning. The courses cover a range of different topics and have been designed to be interactive, fun and educational.

BSL Level 1 Course

This course provides students the opportunity to develop language skills to allow basic communication with Deaf people and work towards a Nationally recognised qualification. The course consists of 3 units, all of which have a practical skills assessment.

BSL – GCSE Level

British Sign Language is a recognised language and is used in preference by over 70,000 Deaf and hard of hearing people in the UK. This 2 year course will enable students to develop signing skills to support communication with Deaf people as well as a good knowledge of Deaf awareness. These unique communication skills will enhance students’ opportunities within their chosen careers and also lead to employment, working with Deaf people. The course consists of 6 units, all of which have a practical skills assessment.


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