Is your school inclusive to deaf children?

Is your school inclusive to deaf children?
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“Inclusion……is about much more than the types of school children attend: it is about the quality of their experience and how far they are helped to learn, to achieve and participate fully in the life of the school” (DfES, Removing Barriers to Achievement, 2004)

Schools that promote the inclusion of deaf children and offers equal opportunities.

According to NDCS “For deaf children to experience successful inclusion and equal opportunity, their educational placement must be deaf friendly in accordance with NDCS published guidelines and recommended standards.”

School of Sign Language can visit schools to ensure there is effective communication between pupils and staff, both educationally and socially. This is provided through consultation and Foundation Sign Language courses.

Learning to use sign language together within school is a fun interactive time that enables the hearing and deaf children and teachers to acquire signed communication skills.

Our Foundation Course sessions provide a fantastic opportunity for deaf and hearing children to learn together and establish friendships.

The sessions are delivered during classroom time or after school as a weekly session. Children learn a variety of different topics which are designed to support communication. Courses are delivered by deaf tutors and supported by interpreters and visual resources.

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