Transition Service

Transition Service

Our Transitions Service is available to those who have been awarded a Social Services Communication Support Package by their Local Authority (LAs) Social Services Team. It is delivered at Our Deaf Hub and within the wider community. It is primarily aimed at 16 – 25 age group but is open to all who need this type of communication Support Package.


  1.  Translation and Interpreting
  2. Advocacy Service
  3. Employability Skills
  4. Career Planning and Development
  5. Work placements in retail, childcare, early years, primary schools, holistic therapies, catering, BSL Tutor, Deaf Awareness Tutor, Trainee Wellbeing Officer, Sports Coach and many more
  6. Employability Workshops
  7. Digital Skills Workshops
  8. Care & Support Services
  9. In Work Support
  10. Maths & English
  11. Alternative Therapies
  12. Life Skills
  13. Travel Training
  14. Money Management
  15. Social Events
  16. BSL Training Level 1-6
  17. Deaf Club
  18. Health & Wellbeing
  19. Peer to Peer Learning


Local Authority Service users that receive The School of Sign Language Communication Support Package has been identified by these Local Authorities as delivering an outstanding support services to their Deaf Service Users and that no other Service Provider delivers our unique communication support package.

The Transition Service is aimed at bridging this gap to support these young people to progress and successfully transition out of school or college to meet their long-term aspirations.





Local colleges have also approached us for this type of support as they have identified that there is no next step for the majority of their Deaf students, but they know that they are not are not ready for the world just yet and the colleges are unable or do not have the facilities or resources to offer a specialised transition option for their Deaf learners.


Deaf learners leaving school or college often have to leave college with very limited employability skills, work experience, social skills and may need travel training as well as developing their communications skills and learning to work with an interpreter in the ‘real world’. Taking all the factors into consideration, their chances of finding employment immediately after leaving college and making a successful transition to adulthood are limited and the learners are somewhat disadvantaged in comparisons to their hearing peers


The Transition Service offers them a 1-1 wrap around support within the community and in either further Independent Life Skills training or employment to ensure they are safe, and their support needs are continued to be met after school or college life.

The Transitions Service takes place on site using Our Deaf Hub facilities and Services, delivered by our specialist staff. Facilities include fully equipped kitchen for life skills, Independent Living Skills Training, including Travel Training, fruit & vegetable garden, IT (Digital Skills) Suite, training room/games room, social gathering room and a dinning/meeting boardroom, specialised career advice and development.

We have had a Grill Kotta that seats up to 25 people with a central cooking grill and is designed for training and social events, it is round so that communication is fluid due to no visible obstructions for signing and using facial expressions and gestures required for using sign language.


The Grill Kotta is set next to the Deaf Hub set in beautiful woodland and accessible by public transport. It also has additional sleeping accommodation for 2 people, for rest bite retreats.

We also have our new Igloo (arriving soon) which will hold alternative therapies, Pilates, meditation and much more.